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Default Re: Princess - Anti War Show! Read This

>After that I returned everything I purchased on the boat including 4 paintings and did
>not spend another dime on the boat. Suffice it to say I will never sail with Princess
>again! I felt it was disgusting for them to dance around in an anti-war
>demonstration on a little stage while our American and British friends and family our
>out their sacrificing their precious time with their families so we can vacation on a boat
>to the Carribean.

This I did find hostile. Calling a whole show "an anti-war demonstration", based on one song...and mind you taking the whole number out of context...and then returning whatever they bought and the ship. If she returned the things because of the way she was treated, that's understandable. But she keeps bringing up the "disgusting anti-war" stuff, so you are left with the impression that she is more bothered by the show, not her treatment. She even named her thread "Princess Anti-War Show". One number (again out of context) and the whole show is anti-war? Give me a break!

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