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An example of Carnival's attitude toward partying is evident in this incident. This guy must have been really drunk to fall overboard and not remember it. He is very lucky.

I heard about that incident, and I'm not quite ready to hold either Carnival Corporation or Carnival Cruise Line responsible for it. Nonetheless, it does illustrate the perils of the sea. The fact that the guy's roommate did not notice his disappearance is what's rather incredulous!

I am concerned about the behind the scenes item you mentioned though. It is disturbing.

To me, it's worse than disturbing. It's courting disaster.

It's been said that the wind and the tide are always on the side of the ablest navigator. So, too, the sea does not act kindly to those whose attitude toward safety is cavalier at best and negligent at worst. Safety, security, and sanitation alwasy require continuous attention at the highest levels of alertness aboard every sea-going vessel.

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