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Default Re: Princess - Anti War Show! Read This

Hello Everyone,

I received my response from their corporate offices and I am planning on typing a response as well. They apologized for the treatment I received and said they would forward my comments on to the Entertainment department for possible future planning. Other than that they hoped I would join them again for another cruise. While it was a very nice letter and I am thankful for that, it was not enough to make me want to cruise with Princess again. Its important in times like these that regardless, if we feel that any sensitive situation is right or wrong any customer service staff be unbiased and more sensitive to those that voice their opinions if they were offended in any way. I know that the opinion of most of the staff I spoke with were anti war which led to them not dealing with my complaint appropriately. This then gave me the feeling that they cruise line was biased and were voicing their opinions publicly. Them voicing their opinion was fine but I have the freedom to take my business elsewhere when I don't agree with that opinion. While I want peace just as much as the next person, I have a very deep respect for our Troops and the sacrifices they make for us and will support them anyway I can. Again I want to thank everyone for your comments, I appreciated all of your honesty even if I didn't agree with you. I wish you all a wonderful relaxing time on your next cruise or vacation.
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