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Default Re: Is it expensive for Internet access on the ship?

Just returned from the Golden last week. The rate, as stated above, is $.50/minute and $1.00/page to print. Thank goodness I'm a Platinum Member since the Internet connection was excruciatingly slow and very expensive. Dealing with unfamiliar browser format also slowed the process as well. If you are Platinum Member, the service is free. They charge your onboard account then credit the same amount back each day. Be sure to verify the credits were issued at the end of your cruise.

There is one pretty cool feature. With a click of a button, you can email a photo of yourself to your friends using the desk Webcam. You are suppose to be able to access your own POP email server although I didn't try to figure it out. You can quickly access the Web based email accounts, such as Hotmail and Yahoomail, with a click on special links. I would suggest emailing yourself a text list of the email addresses you plan to use. It will be quicker to copy and paste than trying to type them in.

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