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Default Island Princess Aug 9 To Alaska First Timer with Questions

This will be our first cruise and are heading to Alaska May 9th
for a 7 day cruise on the Island Princes to celebrate our 20th.
Fingers crossed that she'll be ready. I've been reading the last
8 months worth of postings for some cruise Tips and Tricks and to
get a general feel for what to expect.

But I have some questions. Any help on any or all will be greatly appreciated.
I am assuming the experiences on the Coral will be the same for the Island.

1. Not Clear on Formal evenings. Can I wear Dockers and Polo shirt in the PC
dining rooms on those evening?

2. I have a guaranteed AE Mini-Suite. Any one with experience with that?
Pros/Cons? Our TA said it was a good deal but why?

3. I've read many versions and angles on bring alcohol aboard. Seems like the
Consensus is that Wine and Water are Ok, Beer and liquor aren't but try anyway
by putting it in checked baggage. Any opinions on that?

4. My wife loves glaciers. Anyone with experiences in Fly in Glacier tours
in Juneau, Skagway or Ketchikan? Would love to hear about it.

First Cruise on an ship thats not Gray and US Registered.
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