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Default Re: Golden Princess May17th

Hi Joella,

Considering that Princess charges only $56 per person for the Ephesus tour inc. house of Virgin Mary, Ozer's tour looks a little expensive. I understand that the climate around Ephesus can be hot with a certain amount of rough ground and I wonder whether you would prefer to go back to the ship after spending 4 hours or so there.

My Daughter was in Istanbul a couple of years ago and she reckons that you don't need a tour guide. Most of the places that you would like to see are fairly close together. (the grand bazaar is a no-no)We plan to get a taxi or ships shuttle (if they run one) into the city, and wander around as we please, possibly going back to the ship for lunch/snooze if we feel like it.

Perhaps Ozer would do the Ephesus tour for 4 pers for the price???

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