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After five posts allow me to condense it into one reply. You have no reason to9 be worried. There haven't been any reports of any numbers of people onboard that particuliar ship contracting NLV. The fact is that you are much more likely to contract NLV at home, at church, at work, on a plane, or any other place that large number of people congregrate. So far even those ships that have been in the news with all the 'problems' have had less than 10% and usually around or less than 5% of the passengers affected. That percentage is less than most places during this time of year for this very common illness. The only differance is that it isn't as 'newsworthy' or interesting as the reports they have been making about cruise ships. The trend now seems not so much to 'report' news as it is to 'create' news. <G> Don't worry and have a great cruise. Should the unlikely occur and you become sick then you would be very unlucky but at least you are on a cruise ship instead of being home and miserable.

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