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Okay, you're worried and crazy <VBG> No, actually I am not in any way associated with any cruiseline or travel agency. What I am is the Community Staff Leader right here at Cruisemates. The hard data is really right out there for all to see once you wade through the hype of the news media. They are in the business to sell stories and nothing sells like a good story with truth occasionally taking a bit of a backseat or at least slanted to the point of thier story.
As for the Medical Facilities onboard the Holiday, you will have a ships doctor who are pretty highly respected as well as at least one nurse, usually more than that. They are equipped to handle most common emergencies and even in seriou cases at least able to stabilize the patient until they can get them to a more technically equipped facility. The ships are limited by space and funding to have equipment that would be very rarely used like MRI's CAT's and the like.
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