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Default Re: Carnival Holiday???

I'm 15 and the Jubilee (sister ship to Holiday) was my 2nd carnival cruise. As far as what "Happy Camper" said about he likes the smaller ships because there easier to get around, we had a different expierence. Although the ship is smaller, you think its easier to get around, but the layout kinda sucked. On the Ecstasy ( a lil' bigger than the Jubilee) we got around a lot easier. My family came to the conclusion, smaller ships are great for 1st time cruisers, but when you have a larger ship to compare it to, you really see where small ships lack. I'm sooo sorry if I discouraged you, but you will have a great time anyways. Dont get me wrong, we had an awesome time on the Jubilee, we just prefer the Fantasy class ships or higher. Have a great time!!!! By the way, were going on the Carnival Pride which is 963 ft long, 88,500 tons, and hold approx 2,124 passengers. Ohh and one more thing about not seeing the same person too often. On the Jubilee this one like 10 year old would follow me and my friends allllll around the ship alllll the time!!!! lol anyways, have a great vacation!!!!!
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