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Lisa....Too bad hospitals don't have to report their employee "Norwalk Virus" illnesses.....I work in a hospital and just today was helping a fellow pharmacy employee who started "heaving" in the nearest trashcan, UGH! It has struck our department (of aprox. 40 employees) this past week with 5 pharmacy employees out with the stomach type illnesses! Let me see....that is about 12-13% of just pharmacy employees! Hmmmmm....kind of makes you re-think this whole Norwalk business.

My husband and I leave in 1 week on Destiny. He had it last week so I guess my time is coming. Between being around it at home and work, it seems I don't have much of a chance of missing it....ugh! I just hope it happens before or after the cruise! It seems to be lasting a maximum of about 2-3 days so I figure even if I get it, I will still have 4-5 days of sailing fun!!! A plus for me is that we have a balcony on the Empress I can still relax on our balcony even if I do get sick,....(just look out below!) heehee

Good Health to All!
Cathy in Indiana


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