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Default Re: New Pacific Princess (R3)

Hi Frank, this is a short report I wrote for a gal on another cruise forum, I hope it works. If you have any questions, please let me know, I will try to answer them.


We were on the new PP July 1 - July 12. We had (thanks to an upgrade) a mini suite, category AB, 8057. The cabin was aft on the starboard side. The mini suite was about 110 square feet larger than the category BC cabins with balcony. The balcony is about twice the size of the of the BC balcony. In the cabin we had a large seating area, but there was no room divider of any kind. Everything in the room was great except the beds. The beds in our cabin were miserable. I wouldn't let a guest in my home sleep on such a bed. We ask if there was anything that could be done about the bed and they offered a foam mat that could be placed on top of the mattress. We did this and it helped about 5%. We were told, but not by a crew member, that new beds are coming. According to the source, each room steward is replacing as many beds as possible between cycles.

It is a shame. We loved everything about the crusie with the exception of the beds. I can't understand, but will ask Princess, how they can offer such a great package and still allow those beds to exist.

The bathroom in the cabin was fine. Ours had a tub and shower combo, counter, two cabinets, hair drier and clothes line. The toilet flush is fun the first time you need it.

The category AB mini suites have a small refrigerator. All rooms have a safe and we found plenty of closet space. The balcony has two chairs and a small table. The railing on the balcony bothered me a little. I worried that if anyone had small children, it was very possible they could crawl through the bars on the raililng.

I heard people complaining about room service having such a limited menu. They do have a printed menu for room service, BUT, you can order anything, it seems, that is being served on the ship. I could never get waffles for breakfast, but could get anything else. Also for lunch I used room service and was able to get items not on the room service menu. One suggestion... for room service, if you want salt, ask for it. If you want butter with your pancakes, ask for it. You must be very specific. And there is often a language barrier to overcome. I ask for a three egg omelette one morning and received three, egg omelettes. One evening at the Pizza Bar we asked for a pizza with twice the pepperoni. We got two pizzas with pepperoni.

The shows on the ship were wonderful. Don't miss the lectures by the naturalist, Brent Nixon. He is anything but dull. We looked forward to hearing him each day. The Casino Bar has Sheila Taylor on the piano. She can't read a word of music but can play anything you ask and if you will sing with her she'll be your buddy forever.

We found the dining room to be just great. I can't comment on the food because I am probably the fussiest eater and never get involved with "gormet food." I did however try many things and found them all very good. My wife, who is not a big eater, was only left hungry once and that was the crab legs.

We ate at both Sabatini's and the Sterling Steak House. Both were wonderful. At Sabatini's they hand you a menu and it looks a lot like the menu in the dining room. But then, the waiter comes by and indicates you need only select your salad and entree, as everything else will be brought to your table. And it was... go hungry. Sabitini's is an additional 15.00 per person, tip included. Sterling Steak House is 8.00 extra per person. While in the sterling steak house we celebrated our anniversary and the entire staff was there serenade us and gave us a special cake (small) but, thoughtful and tasty. The next night it happened all over again in the dining room, another cake and serenade.

The casino has penny, nickle, quarter and dollar slot machines and four or five table games.

The ship had two stores. One more or less a general store, the other was jewelry.

Over all I think the cruise was just wonderful. I would do it again in a minute, beds and all... I'd just bring a good air mattress. The weather for our cruise was exceptional. It was sunny and 70+ each day in port and only rained once for about 5 minutes during the day hours.

Now, understand, I have nothing to compare this cruise with. It was our first.

Enjoy and if you have any question, just ask, I will try to help.

Dave & Susan
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