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Default Re: Royal Princess, Good, Bad, Old, Classic? Your Thoughts

Sailed the Royal on three diffrent trips over a three year time span..LOVE the ship. On one trip the Social Hostess ate dinner with us several time during the two week trip..two groups of women (mother/daughter groups) She made the meals a treat. We got to know the piano player that sits at the top of the stairs above the dinning room. The waiters in that lounge remembered our drinks....

Sure the ship is smaller, no golf (hey you are on a ship!!not at a resort), not as many lounges, some areas serve double duty but we loved every minute of every trip and would sail on her again.

I ahve been on the Star, also a great ship but I don't think we saw the same people twice and came away not having gotten to really know anyone, We like to eat in the main dining room, our table mates didn't enjoy the room so they didn't return everynite..felt strange to have 3 people at a table for 8..waiters didn't combine the half empty tables....
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