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Default Re: bringing my own drinks

I do not drink alchohol - so that is not a concern On the other hand, I am going to bringing a device that will enable me to prepare one of my favorite non-alchoholic drinks. My friends have laughed at me, and my wife has pleaded that I do this only in the privacy of our cabin, and not at the Horizon buffet.
How did I reach this conclusion regarding this device? Last year my wife and I took a cruise on the Celebrity Horizon. It is a wonderful ship and we had a great time. Every breakfast I would head to the buffet to have a wonderful breakfast. Well - almost wonderful. With my breakfast I had orange juice. The orange juice was satisfactory - but it was dispensed from a machine and certainly not freshly squeezed. Then I observed a bowl of fruit with very nice looking oranges sitting all by itself. Then I had some more of the orange juice, and then once again I observed that bowl of oranges. I decided if I was ever on another cruise, I would bring a portable plastic juicer and have freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast! We are going on the Grand on November 23, and so is the juicer. This is not the first time we have used a juicer. When in the middle east some years ago, oranges were selling for four cents a pound, much cheaper than bottle water. As a result we purchased a plastic juicer and had freshly squeezed orange juice every day! So if you are on the Grand Nov 23 - 30, I will be the fellow transporting a bunch of oranges to my cabin every morning to prepare the days supply of orange juice
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