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Default Re: Feb Temperatures in NZ & AUS

I live in Melbourne and you can expect in February (which is our hottest month) anything from 70F ( 18C) to over 100F(35C) or even hotter. In fact last Saturday we had 40C which is well over 105F. As camping man says we can experience four seasons in a day but that happens when we have a cool change after a very hot day .I would come prepared with some light long sleeve tops to put on if the weather does turn cool. As he mentioned Tasmania is much cooler, it very rarely gets higher than 85F. Sydney is always warm in summer, around 85F but usually humid so that the temperature seems a lot hotter. You can safely pack for Sydney with just short sleeves. The north island of New Zealand has similar weather to Sydney. The South Island is a lot cooler and can be quite cold around the Milford Sound area and also wet. I hope this helps. Bring a light fold away plastic jacket, which keeps the wind out and you will be fine. I hope you have a wonderful cruise and enjoy our great country.

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