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Default Re: bringing my own drinks

You can always bring your own wine and drinks on board, just pack them well. All cruiselines have a very vague and confusing policy, which says you cannot bring aboard any alcoholic beverages purchased (while in port) for consumption aboard. Well, you didn't purchase while in port, you packed it and brought with your luggage when embarking the ship. Several of my clients, including our family, take a case of wine for a 7-10 day cruise and some take their vodka, Ketel One and their favorite mixers for Bloody Mary's while on board. . Just don't advertise that you are bringing on a suitcase full of booze and drinks. Even when you call the cruiselines, they will advise you of their corkage fee, which implies you brought on your wine,etc when boarding. Silly, I know, but they probably feel that this will discourage people from doing so and they can sell more to you at their outrageous prices!
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