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Karen Lynn
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Default Alaska - Dawn Princess vs Coral Princess

Hi folks.

I'm planning my first cruise next summer (a joint trip with my sister and her family -- also novice cruisers) and the more we read the brochures, the further confused we get. We've decided on a Gulf of Alaska cruise but I'm not sure whether we should go with Coral/Island Princess or Dawn/Sun Princess.

As a group, we're more into learning about Alaska than in playing in the casino while on the cruise. We're not really "formal" folks but can handle dressing up now and then. I definitely want to appreciate the scenery as we travel -- is it worth paying more to get those extra square feet of balcony? Covered or uncovered balcony? Also, we'll need to find my sister a cabin for four (2 adults, 2 older elementary age kids) and any comments about minimum cabin size she'll need to keep marriage and sanity intact would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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