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Default Re: Re: Re: Legend Jan 13th kuki's group any documents yet?

Hi Cindy... because of the delay in getting the group's documents out, Carnival sent our documents (as well as 3 other cabins of friends coming from here) directly to us to insure they got here in time.
Deliver to Canada can, and almost always does, take extra time, and some of the group (unfortunately not me) are going in to Ft Laud. earlier. TNormally the TA gets them, checks them for errors and relays them to passengers. I did the checking on this set.

Later delivery of docs is not uncommon with groups, however this time there was another small glitch combined with the holidays that delayed them a bit longer.

I understand everyone likes to touch and feel them, but not to worry... they are coming! This will soon be a thing of the past as it won't be too long before the cruise lines go to e-tickets.

As for other documentation necessary. I believe the Cruise Line has all the information they need already. I have heard differently, and there were no extra forms to fill out, in the document package.


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