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As I have stated i eariler posts, I have Multiple sclerosis, episodes brught on by stress, fatigue, etc. After getting up at 3AM to catch a 4:30 Am flight from Pensacla to Ft. Laderdale, we were delayed approximately 2 hours under sun broke through. No problems, right? Wen I arrived in Atlanta, my TA, Delta, and Princess on a conference call all reiterated that many people were in the came predicament and not to worry, that the ship would wait for us. HA HA HA! When I arrived in Ft. Lauderdale by wheelchair, I was met by four women, one who I could actually understand as my high school Spanish failed me. Not only were they in my face screaming, but the one causcasion grabbed my arm and slung me araound. Normally, being martially arts trained, that would have been the last thing she did. But I was feeling so tired, fatigued, and could barely speak, I took my service dog (with her bright rest vest on) outside so she could potty. From them on it becomes a blue. Not only had these 4 ladies called Broward Co. Sheriff Deputy, but he informed me that if I didn't get back into he terminal he would arrest me, take my dog to the pound and have her put to sleep. By this time I was only able to crawl. what an insensitive clod/ Then to add insult to injuty, I was ordered in the back of a while car, with a man I had no clue who he was, and down the road we went 85-90 MPH. I asked him to please slow down as the speed limit was 55. He stated he was just keeping up with traffice. Whn we arrived at a HOliday Inn he threw my bags on the gound, ordered me out of the car, and threw a piece of yellow paper at the manager at Holiday INn. The people at the Holiday inn were wonderful(if you could speak spansh) and called a Miami Springs Officer to help sort things out. This was Saturday night. I finally picked up the ship on Tuesday at St. Maarten, in a full-blown ms episode so basically I had only one day to actually walk around th see what I had missed. I would warn any disabled prospective cruisers to take another ship/line. I have the marks the bruises where the ground crew women and the deputy stomped on my body, all because I had an M.S. episode an could not communicate clearly. Luckily the captain called my friend and me into his office, had already started an investigation, and shared with us that the same woman manhandled several other passngers the same day. Hopeflly she will be filed, and spend her last days working in a convenience store. Never again will I go on Princess Cruise Line. Ever.
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