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Where was her friend in all this, I mean I can understand that she was too tired and ill to "defend " herself, but why wasn't her travel compainion capable of helping. Her post doesn't even make sense because it just sounds like she got off the plane and these four ladies just attacked her!???? I don't get it. I agree there is more to the story . and quite frankly I don't know if I care since she has announced she will not ever be on a Princess cruise agian , so I won't ever have to deal with her.
She also leaves out how the rest of her holiday went, I guess she was determined it would suck and so it did.

There again, although the "Princess employees" were apparently insane, she also encountered an insane sherriff!?? How much "bad luck" does one person get, I mean what are the chances of meeting 5 abusive and insane( attacking a disabled person for no reason at all) people does one meet?
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