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Betty I also just read your review on Holland Amercia all all I can say is " get help" and I don't mean physically. You seem to have a terrible problem interacting with people, and they all seem to attack you , or leave you lying on the ground. Why is that?? A bad thing can happen to anyone , but you seem to live to complain and I am going to assume that quite frankly people get sick of you , and stop listening to you because you are a chronic whiner. I think you have used your physical afflictions to expect everyone to cater to you in a very unreasonable way. There is always a chance of encountereing a " bad " staff member, but you apparently attract them, (in droves no less) .
I reallly hope you talk to someone who can help you, otherwise I can almost guarantee you will NEVER have a good cruise, or any other kind of vacation for that matter.

I think this goes well beyond a " cruise board " discussion, I 'm sorry for you, because I think you must be hurting deep down. I do wish you better luck next time, but remeber we can make our own "luck" Best wishes, pg.
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