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My mother is disabled and went on a Princess Alaskan cruise - of course, she was accompanied by my father and a caretaker and the caretaker's friend.

She said it was the most wonderful vacation. The Princess people catered to her every need. When the dining room staff saw them coming, they would rush over and not allow my dad nor the caretaker to bring her into the dining room - they would gladly do it. By the end of the week, her waiter was asking if he could cut her meat for her - and she gladly said yes (usually the caretaker or my dad did this, but the staff wanted to give them a little break, too). The room steward was very solicitous and when my dad would leave the stateroom, the steward would check on my mom. My dad never left for long with out the caretaker present, but just to run a quick errand or something - my mom was fine to be left for 10 or 20 minutes - but still the steward would check.

Dad said it was wonderful - the whole crew made it so much easier to travel with my mom (she has parkinson's disease and is unable to see to much of her own care).

SOOOOOOOOOOO if you are disabled - do not fret about going on a Princess Cruise - they are wonderful!
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