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Default Re: Packing alcohol in luggage? (Golden)

YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BRING WINE AND CHAMPANE ON BOARD PRINCESS. I yelled that because I am having a hard time understanding why people don't read their documents, that clearly state a reasonalbe amount of these beverages may be brought on board to enjoy in your cabin. If you wish you may also take your bottle to the dining room but you will pay a corkage fee( 10 dollars at last count)

As for smuggling, many do, I'm planning on it, they don't go through your luggage, just your carry on( yes I know they x ray your luggage but they are looking for weapons not booze and don't have time to pull each bag out that shows a bottle outline, I mean they know it could just be shampoo or mouth wash!

Some people do feel very strongly that smuggling is wrong. To each his own. Take the advise of veteren smugglers ( not us , we've only done it once , but we plan on doing it again!)and make sure you use plastic bottles and bag it twice.
Have a nice cruise.
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