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Default Re: Re: Re: Tahiti-lugguage last day

Luggage is not a problem but there are some tricks to make it work smoothly (for you).
Be sure to pack a plastic bag for your swim suit if you plan to swim at the pool on the last day. The ship is all yours all day until departure, except for your cabin of course. So if you organize your carry on to include all the things you need during the day you will be all set. You wil need to pack your shorts, shirt, slacks etc to change into once you get out of your bathing suit. Your big luggage will be stored all day at dockside and is guarded all of the time. When it is time to go to the airport you will have claimed your carry on from Sabatinis, and then when you get off the ship you will claim your large bags. At the airport, you can change again if you want to fly in different clothes, but remember to pack those clothes on top in you suitcases. Two other things......1. A great place to clean up before getting off the ship is in the fitness club, where you are welcome to use the showers, towels etc. 2. Our flight was very very late at night and our shuttle to the airport was the very last one at about 9:45 pm, so,dressed nicely, eight of us showed up at the dining room and were welcomed for dinner in a half empty dining room. They do not promote this extra dinner but were very accommodating. A great way to end the trip.
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