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Default Kudos to the staff - especially the medical staff on the Gol

I just wanted to tell you all how well our dear friends and traveling companions were treated on our recent trip on the Golden. On our second sea day our friends son came down with a nasty stomach bug, at first we all chucked it aside as eating too much and bit of seasickness, when he didn't get better, they called the ships doctor, who was very nice- diganosed him with a gastro-type virius. He was quarantined to cabin, put on a strict gasto-diet and given some meds. It wasn't 5 minutes after he returned from the doctors that there was a knock on the door and a worker came to the door- donned his haz-mat suit and proceeed to disenfect the entire cabin. Very professional - very low key- we were right next door and had no idea what was going on. The nurse called back to check on him. Our waiters asked at dinner where's Chris? We told him he wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be joining us. They were genuine with i hope he gets better soon. Thank goodness it was only a 24hr stomach bug. The next day Chris was back to his old-self again. This situtation was handled with professionalism, kindness and compassion. That night, Chris joined us for dinner and our wait team greated him with, how are you feeling? glad to have you back, anything special we can get for you? The staff made the whole experience so much less stressfull.
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