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Default My friend did miss her 10:55 return flight ! no lysol can on

I am the one who posted a question about whether a 10:55 RETURN flight was too early. I had the 1:15 flight time. My friend did book the earlier flight and talked to the purser on the Carnival Imagination about her early flight. They changed her color on her luggage and everyone that had to get off the ship early had to meet at 8:00 am the morning we were getting off the ship. She got off the ship at 9:00 and took a taxi to the Miami airport. She arrived at the airport at 9:30, paid the taxi and about the time she got inside it was about 9:45 and she stood in line to check in her luggage. They told her she was too late to board her plane. Our flight was the next one leaving Miami coming to RDU at 1:14 and it was FULL and the flight after that was also FULL. She had to wait to see if 3 people didnt show so she could get on the plane if seats were available. Now it is time for us to start boarding and no seats were available BUT................ they announced that there was a problem with our plane and the maintenance crew were checking it out. So we waited about 30 minutes and they announced that the plane was taken out of service and we would have to fly to RDU on another plane. Well is turned out this plane was larger than the one we had booked. We had booked the plane with 2 seats on one side and 3 seats on the other side. This NEW plane we were having to take had 3 seats on BOTH sides and there was room for them. LUCKY!!!!!!!!!
About the LYSOL................... I took a can of lysol with me from RDU to Miami. (I wanted to use this in our cabin on the cruise, I was worried about catching a virus), I did NOT even use it. Once I got on the ship all my worries left me. On my return flight from Miami to RDU they took my can on LYSOL. So if you are flying don't take any aerosol can (at least not leaving from Miami airport). They told me NO aerosol cans. I had not idea. I don't fly much. We came back off our cruise on Jan 6, 2003.

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