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Default Re: New to Princess / What to Expect

We loved Princess! The atmosphere is quieter and more refined than what we saw on Carnival. There were less hairy chest type of activities. What we liked best was that Princess handles crowds really efficiently. We never had to wait in line more than 5 - 10 minutes anywhere, even embarking. The photo shop is open more than just after dinner, so you don't get the whole ship trying to fine their own pictures at the same time. The crew spoke better English and were more friendly. They try to never say "no" to a request. If they can't say "yes", they pass you up the chain of command until someone hopefully can say yes. This typifies the differences we saw: One night on Carnival I asked for a different salad dressing than what was on the menu and was told that that wasn't possible. One night on Princess, I didn't like to dressing on my salad. Both the waiter and his assistant were there right away begging me to let them bring me a salad I would like better. Not on the menu? No problem. If you want it we'll get it.
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