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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: New to Princess / What to Expect

I've liked the Activities on the Princess ships. The Activities Staff seem to mingle better with the cruisers.On the Sun Princess there was a 50's themed dance.It was later in the evening and my husband was already in bed. I decided to go down in my jeans,took a book and intended to just sit in the back and listen to the music. Well, lo and behold, Peter, a member of the staff went back where I was and invited me to dance. Albeit that they all had plans to make sure that all guests were involved, it made me feel good to be asked. And, yes, I did dance! On the Grand, I had my picture taken with Sean, another great member of the Activities Staff (he had a great voice, too, and led the guests in "YMCA" in one of the lounges during one of the "lounge singer's" Programs.) He was a hit every night as it was in a main thoroughfare..They are not pushy,but might gently encourage you to join in.The waiters at dinner got to know us on at least two of the cruises, and the stewards were very friendly to us.This feeling was the same on both the Grand and the Golden. I was a regular fixture,almost, at the Photo Shop,as I had my pictures developed onboard rather than waiting.My bill for pictures on the Sun,(our first cruise) was $177.(We now have a digital camera and do our own or take them to a 1 hr Photo in one of the ports.)The staff there was nice, too.Many of the overall staff are British or Canadian.Being from Canada originally, I appreciated that. I guess our word for Princess Cruises is "comfortable". We were aboard a ship from a different line last year to just get a taste of something different.The Activities Staff there were not very inclusive,personal or friendly and the internal climate was "cold".We're back to Princess this year and will sail on the Caribbean Princess Sept.18. Lynne
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