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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: New to Princess / What to Expect

Our experience has been that the lounges around the main pools on the Sun, Golden and Grand are taken pretty early.There have been lounges available on the decks most of the time.However, the higher up you go, the windier it gets! Also, you're in the direct sun,so beware, it won't take long for a good tan or burn. There is the shady side, of course, but you get the breeze and shade and it might feel cooler or chilly in the wind.Many folks get to the pool early and get a lounge chair farther back , with a little shade provided by the deck above, and read.The younger cruisers go for the front rows by the pool. If you choose to sit on the Promenade Deck on one of the benches you'll get the jogging and walking traffic-so you'll have a lot of company and see them go by several times. Lynne
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