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Shelly U.
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Default Re: Re: Question for anyone who has been on Diamond Princess


Ed is right about the scenery. The first full day at sea, you don't see much because they are taking the fastest way up to Juneau. After that, you are pretty much in sight of land. On clear days, the view is beautiful. I'd say that about 70% of the time, the weather was nice for us. Plus another thing is that sunset was at 9:40pm and sunrise is around 4:30am. So there's a LOT more daylight.


I'd agree that the day in Victoria definately made the trip memorable. I actually thought it was pretty funny. Except for the part that Princess didn't want to have anything to do with re-booking flights that weren't already booked through them. I'll be submitting the receipts for my new flights to them, and if they do the right thing and pay me back for the tickets, then yes, I will be impressed and probably cruise with them again. If not...

For the most part, I enjoyed the cruise, but I do think that the Diamond could use some more time to get better organized and to learn how to work better under pressure. After reading some reviews on this web site, the ship seems to have a tendency of getting back to port late and causing Embarking / Disembarking delays that could be avoided if they would just get back on time...not to mention all of the flights that get missed by those who get off of the ship late. I think that after another year or so, they should be more experienced as a crew and the overall cruise experience would be better for those who go on this ship.

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