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Default Re: Question for anyone who has been on Diamond Princess to


I can understand your frustration, and I guess that's always the risk you take when booking flights by yourself (and not through the cruise company). Luckily, we booked ours for the day before/day after the length of the cruise, so the delay didn't affect us. It seemed to me like a pretty extreme "just in case" precaution but in the end I'm really glad we went that way!

I would agree though that the crew/staff did seem a little disorganized often, especially when we were embarking on the 15th and when we were disembarking in Juneau.. but they did seem to improve things after that (except for Victoria of course )

I might have that note somewhere still and I'll have a look through my stuff as soon as I can. If I find it, I'd be happy to scan it for the two of you.

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