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Default Re: Re: Question for anyone who has been on Diamond Princess

That is probably the one thing you WON'T be disappointed with. Alaska embodies immense, spectacular, and beautiful. This was my first-ever vacation where I literally just sat and watched and soaked in the scenery with nothing to distract. . . no reading, no listening to books on tape, not a lot of conversation, just being still and letting my emotional tank get refilled through taking in God's gorgeous handiwork.

Our disappointment came from not seeing much in the way of wildlife. (That was a drawback of going in mid-May I didn't fully realize.) But if your priority is the scenery, you're going to the right place!

I do think your enjoyment will be enhanced if you do some reading about Alaska in advance so you know what you're looking at. Read up on glaciers and how they form what you'll be seeing. For example, when you see mountains with smooth, rounded tops, you know they were once covered by and ground down by moving glaciers. Mountains with jagged, pointed tops were higher than the level of the glaciers. You'll see some of both at the same time in many places. And know that the glaciers dug down DEEP as well, producing the fjords. It's amazing to sail past 4000-foot high mountains knowing you're in water that's up to 4,000 feet DEEP! Those kinds of facts really helped me enjoy the scenery even more.

Hope this helps!

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