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Default Re: Question for anyone who has been on Diamond Princess to

I was supposted to be at the Princess Diamond 5/21-5/29 for our honeymoon. The morning before we are heading to the port we saw the local news about the ship accident
So we decided to call princess and they said they didn't hear anything about the accident and they were about to find out more while we were still on the phone. ( Bad communication between Princess and Princess) Later they told us that it may be delay for just a few hour ..Well those few our turned to be 7hours. ( they send 2,500 people from the port to the seattle center they all sit on the floor waiting to see what's going on)
finally we got back to the ship and nobody was greeting us or apologized for the delay etc which I found it surprised. After we had been waiting for 7 hours our luggages still didn't arrived.
Around 10pm I am sure alot of people went to sleep or rest after a long day wait . We decided to walk around the ship as we walked out the room we saw they were placing the new itenary ( guess what's the surprise !!!!!!! They decided to cancel two ports Juneau and Victoria and spend 3 days at the sea since the boat wasn't completely fixed and can't go any faster) Instead all they offered was $500 ship credit per cabin ..I mean $500 credit ?? buying pictures or get drunk with that credit?
So we decided to go to the front desk to complain as we heading down we saw 500 other angry passangers complaining about the situation somehow the supervisor of the ship said the president had decided that's was their only decision and deal with it.
Somehow we managed to negotiate again to see if they come up with a better solution.
An hour they told us for those who decide to leave the ship they will get the full refund plus hotel and airfare difference.
I was so dissapointed the way they handle the situation. I just think isn't fair for us that we end up traveling 3 days at the sea with only $500 ship credit per cabin ? while we had paid the full price for this trip ,waste the entire year planning , took time off from work, spend the money on the airfare and hotel , wait the entire day before we get into the ship. Unfortunatly half of the passangers from ship didn't know what's going on until the next morning.
Wait until they are back tomorrow and you will hear more about it!!!!
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