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Paula Di Bernardo
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Default Re: Re: Sapphire Princess

Hi Dick (and everyone)
My boyfriend and I will be sailing on the Sapphire Princess to Alaska on 6/26 (1st time for me, 2nd for him). Glad to hear you're excited and will report on your trip. Pictures too, I hope...

I have some questions I hope you can answer -

Our room has an 'obstructed view' - we're not sure what that means, exactly - will we have any view at all do you think?

Do I need a gown on formal nights or is 'wedding wear' ok?

We are planning on 3 excursions - snorkeling, rock climbing (yikes!), and hiking. Since you've been to Alaska so many times do you have any feedback/advice? cold will it really be? I did a search and came up with 60-45. I'm still not sure what cloths to bring.....

ok, I guess thats enough questions for now

Thanks so much!

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