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Default Re: Minisuites - Differences?

The mini suites are all virtually identical. The main difference is location. AE mini suites have a deck above the veranda and all mini suites on the D deck are open to the above cabins with balconies. AA cabins are mid ship, AB are just fore and aft of mid ship, ACs are farther fore and aft, etc etc.

The two farthest aft cabins on each level D & E, one cabin on each side of the ship, have much larger balconies that wrap around the structure for the disco. These verandas have room for two lounges, a table with four chairs and extra room for moving about. The only drawback is that they have large showers and no tubs in case occupants have a wheelchair. We were assigned one of these cabins on the Star Princess on a guarantee and loved the cabin and especially the patio.
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