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Default RCL Voyager class or Princes Grand Class?

Ok... I Know that I am takeing my Family on a Cruise in Dec 2005 and I am 99% sure I want to do the southern route. My kids will be 9 and 6 when we go. I will be taking them and my mother none of them have ever cruised before. But I have. So they are up for anything. And are so excited about going.
Ok now which Ship class is nicer or has more things to do? Does all of the Grand Class have mini-golf on them? I know that the Adventure will be doing Southern next Dec but I am not sure which ship in the grand class will be doing the Southern in Dec 2005. Right now I do think it is the Golden.
How are the kids areas on both class ships? What about the kids menu's?
Ok now for the itinerary's the one we like for Princess is the Southern Explorer which is as follows St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Grenanda, Caracas and Aruba with one day at sea. The RCL itinerary we like is Aurba, Curacao, St. Maarten and St. Thomas with 2 days at sea. Can some one tell me which itinerary is nicer, more to do with kids , ect....
I have never been on Princess or RCL as of yet. ( I am booked on the Radiance this Dec with my Boyfriend). ( I have cruised on CCL before) Which is better prices and larger cabins. I am looking at either an inside or maybe a room with a window but on this cruise I need o go kind of cheap cabin wise to payfor it all.
Thanks For all your help!!!!!!
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