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Default Re: Sapphire Princess

We just got off of the Sapphire Princess today. We went on the 2-night pre-inagural cruise. It was great. There was so much to do. Phew. I posted a reply on the cruise critics site in response to some questions so I will just copy and paste it here.

Here it is for those who are interested

The ship - amazing!! But kind of confusing! The main dining room (the International) was tricky to find. It was on deck 6 but you had to go on deck 7 all the way toward the end and just before the lounge go down the stairs to deck 6. Then walk alittle ways and there is the dining room. Many people said they had a lot of trouble finding it. The food was great in the there though and worth the search! Also, in the International you could order off of the menus from the other dining rooms too, but we never did because the regular menu had so many good things.

The buffet dining was very unorganized the first day because there were so many people and the wait staff didn't really know how to direct them well. Something new is that at each of the eating places there were hand sanitizing stations, and before you get your plate at the buffet, for example, they ask you to wash up.

The shower head was cool - it was adjustable so you could go from kind of an even spray to a massage spray, plus it swiveled all around. Just don't leave anything on the bathroom floor because it became like a swimming pool.

There were several pools, pretty nice. One was indoors. The hot tubs weren't very hot though. But you could get complimentary bathrobes if you ask for them, and also there were blankets you could use on deck.

The spa was great. One of the pools had this thing where you could swim against the current.

Oh yeah, the beds were comfortable! I slept really well! I was probably exhausted from all the stuff we did.

The entertainment was fun, some of the same staff from a cruise we took two years ago on the Sea Princess. Princess Idol was entertaining (we got to be one of the judges.)

Embarkation was pretty typical. Long lines but they moved pretty quick. No problems or hold ups. Logie (from the cruisecritics site) got there early and said they didn't have to wait in line at all. I guess it just depends on what time you go. We got there at 11:40 and it took about a half an hour. Lots of people. There were a lot of very friendly, helpful staff people there to direct things.

We had to be off the ship by 9:30 so my guess is you could probably board around 11:00 or maybe sooner.

Any more questions, just ask! It was a BLAST!
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