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Default Sapphire Princess

Our family + friends just returned from Sapphire's second voyage from Seattle to Ketchikan, Tracy-Arm, Juneau, Skagway, Victoria( BC ) . First off , let me mention we are not new to cruising . Our adjoining / connecting balcony rooms on the Baja deck were stunning with continuous million dollar views of other cruise ships, sailing vessels, giant barges, Japanese fishing vessels , scores of Dolphin, Whales, Orcas, Eagles, Icebergs, however because of the highly unusual heat wave throughout the voyage we saw no seals, bears, wolves, or mountain goats . Even though this ship is brand new and should be spectacular it was beyond that . Because we chose " anytime dining " we ate in a different area almost every sitting . The 14th floor Lido buffet is easy to negotiate and serves exactly what the full service ding rooms serve , ( how about our party feasting on over 2 dozen lobster tails at one sitting with waiters patiently standing by refilling our water / coke/ coffee with only the wave of one's hand ) . With anytime dining , should you wish to get all dressed up and visit the Vivaldi, Sterling,Santa Fe, or Pacific Moon all you need to do is pick up any phone , dial dine, and they give you 30 minute reservations . Or , you can just walk in and they will seat you immediately or find you a table within 20 minutes . You can even even eat in the trad dining room by just asking the Maitre-d . Did we experience any significant annoyances while on board a ship that served approx 2800 guests plus 1500 crew members? The basketball net was broken within the first 30 minutes of the voyage by an over zealous 6' 7 " wanna b . When the extra drop down ceiling beds are in the down position one tends to bang their head quite frequently . The internet cafe which is awesome charges you as soon as you sign on , even before you connect , but the conciege reversed the charges for us . The casino was unforgiving by taking without giving .However , the direct from Vegas entertainment made up for all . The ports of call were what to be expected , small, party towns selling everything from Rolex to next months garage sale items . We were amazed that in town shows / bars/ stores operate with virtually no a/c . All in all we had a great time and thought the net returned value far exceeded the $ 7500 investment . No wonder they named this ship the " Sapphire Princess ". She shines !
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