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Halen- Run dont walk , to make the change to anytime dining . Like I said before as soon as you board do like my wife did and make reservations in each of the rooms ( Santa fe, Vivaldi, Sterling , and Pacific Moon ) . Remember the personal dining also applys to room service -Yes Lobster tails in your room -I saw it with my own eyes . If you are shy about making reservations just walk up at any time , and the maitre-d will seat you by computor within 15 minutes . Now , check this out , one of our neighbors who was personal choice all the way went into the trad dining room on the night we hit Victoria ( it was empty , actually they are all empty on that evening ) and enjoyed a nice dinner while quite a few folks made a mad dash to get off the ship . By waiting only 30 minutes you get off so much easier and then wisk yourselves downtown on an all night $ 5.00 ( Canadian ) double decker , sure beats walking and I believe we actually beat the folks that skipped dinner and rushed off .
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