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Default My can of lysol was NOT in my carry on luggage

My can of lysol was not in my carry on luggage it was in the luggage to check in. When we were showing our ID's checking our luggage in they asked did I have any aerosol cans in my luggage. I told her I did have a can of lysol. I did not think about the hairspray. I know everyone in our group look hairspray and it was not problem taking that on the plane. I saw that they had taken a can of bug spray out of someone elses luggage because they put my lysol can beside it. I do not flying anyway and will looking to see when Carnival has another cruise leaving from Charleston, SC or Norfolk VA. because I can easily drive to those. But I guess it will be a while before we can cruise again but it is fun to look and plan on where you want to go next. I want to go somewhere different. I have been to Cozumel 3 times and I am looking at maybe Bermuda. I know last year they did have a cruise departing from one the ports I am interested in.
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