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Default Re: Carry-on alcohol/beverages

It all depends.

I have always concealed anywhere from 2-6 bottles in my checked lugagge on all my cruises, and have never had a problem.

Earlier this year when in St Thomas, mu friend bought a bottle of rum at a liquor store near the pier and simply put in inside her beach bag. I went through the scanner before her, so I was able to watch her bag being scanned as she entered. The bottle of rum was very visible in her bag on the scanner screen, but I guess the security guy either was watching or didn't care, and she was able to bring it on board.

Maybe Princess is more lienient in this area. I have another friend who just got off of Norwegian a few weeks ago who packed ten bottles of wine in her checked luggage, and had her luggage confiscated, and had to report to a "holding room" with other offenders and was threatened being told "you know we could kick you off the ship right now".
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