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Default Re: Carry-on alcohol/beverages

You know - I'm really surprized at some of the comments about bringing liquor into a Princess ship! We've cruised with Princess four times - since 2000, and I have NEVER had a single problem bringing liquor on board without having to sneak anything.

As a matter of fact, in March 2001 - we were on Ocean Princess going out of San Juan for our honeymoon. At the pier is a small duty free liquor store - where we could have purchased cases of liquor and it could be delivered right to our room if we wanted. Instead, we bought a case of soda, several bottles of wine and tequila and margarita mix - and brought it right to our room. No problem at all!

I kept a bottle of wine in the fridge - and the room steward brought in an ice bucket for me to keep it chilled.

So...I'm confused!
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