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Default Re: Princess Balconies

The balconies on Dolphin deck are the largest (not sure of actual size). These are the minisuites. The balconies one deck higher on Caribe are approx. 9 x 10 feet. These are regular balcony rooms with enlarged balconies (twice the size of regular balconies). The balconies above on Baja and Aloha are approx. 9 x 5 feet.

I'm pretty sure the balconies on Lido deck are at least the standard 9 x 5 feet. I've never stayed in this area.

Possible Advantages: close to pool and upper decks, probably not too much through-traffic, etc., No one to look down at you from above, good views from the balcony--although all decks have good views

Possible Disadvantages: pool noise and traffic if too close to pool area, potential for noise from deck above (there is another pool and deck space above the area you are questioning), more motion in the upper bow area of the ship than rest of the ship.
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