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Default Re: Princess Balconies

The Emerald Balconies that you mentioned do look out over the promenade deck. We thought about getting one last year because the price was really great. Ended up sticking with our inside cabin though. To see what we missed I did walk by them to check them out. Not really that bad. The floor of the balcony is shoulder high or so. So it's not like you have people walking by and leaning in to chat. Also they do close that part of the promenade after dark so you would get privacy then.

When it come to covered or uncovered I would much rather have an uncovered. We have had uncovered ourselves and traveled with people that had a covered one and you get a lot more sun on the uncovered ones. For me I'm coming down to the cruise from the cold Northeast so I want as much sun in my 7 days as I can get!!!! So if I had a choice between all uncovered or completely covered I would take the uncovered every time.
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