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Default Hotel Excelsion, San Juan PR, Hotel from Hell!

I just wanted to warn everyone about the Excelsior. I just returned from Princess 8/22-29 Classic Caribbean - ask me any questions -- it was fabulous. The only really bad part was the Excelsior Hote, in San Juan PR.
While we were checking out, a luggage cart was pushed into the elevator and the doors continued to close (there was something obviously wrong with the mechanism as that should have reopened the doors). The car was going down and it dragged the cart down with it half in and half out of the elevator car. The mirrors in the car shattered on the people inside the elevator car, cutting at least one of them. The car was stuck between floors, and we were able to peer in and see the people trapped. The screams were horrible. I ran around the lobby looking for my family, as were the rest of us. The people trapped were to go on the Destiny. We had to leave, so I would love to hear how it all turned out for them - if they got out on time to make the cruise. It didn't look good when we left. The worst part of all was it took the police 1/2 hr to get there, and they had to emergency vehicles with them. The poor people could have suffocated or gone into shock, or who knows what by then. When we left a fire truck was pulling up, 45 minutes after it happened. I think the hotel thought they could fix it themselves, and delayed calling the police. Finally one of the relatives started to screaming at the desk and they called the police. It was a horrible experience, and I never hope to hear screaming like that again.
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