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Jennifer Crouch
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Default Re: Re: Hurricane "Free" Cruise

It is pretty cheap in the fall. Our first cruise was $225. for 5 nights (although I will admit I have never seen it this cheap since), second Voyager for 525.00 7 nights and now Caribbean Princess for a 9x10 balcony $730.00 plus a $100.00 ship board credit.

You don't think that is cheap?

Also, we can't cruise in the spring, don't want to cruise in the summer (kids and heat) so the fall is perfect for us. We have always had good weather and I bet if you ask the people who just got off the extended CP cruise, they would say they had a great time also. I'm not saying it's the best time to cruise. I'm just saying it has it's perks, just like every other season. Since hurricane season runs from June through Nov. it seems silly to cut out half of the year.
As it is hard to "read" people's meanings, know I meant this in a nice way. Just a different perspective

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