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Default RE: Imagination - Feb 2001

...Ahoy there, Ann! First, take a deep breath! Slowly exhale.... There is absolutely nothing to be nervous about! You're going to love cruising! There is something for everyone to do... all day and night long!
...I sailed the Imagination a few years ago. The best description I can give you about the atmosphere and physical appearance of the ship is that it looks and feels like... "a floating Las Vegas". Lots of neon and fun! We loved it!
...To give you suggestions for things to do without knowing your likes and dislikes, is a little tough to do. The best suggestion I can give you is to "cruise" the website. There are ship reviews from past cruisers that can help you. Then go to and look up the shore tours. This will give you an idea of what tours are available and what to do on the islands.
...Hope this helps...
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