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Default Re: My friend did miss her 10:55 return flight ! no lysol ca

Aerosol cans are officially banned from checked and carry-on baggage. This is because there is a risk of explosion because of the preasuure differences (even in an airplane, you are at the equivilent air preassure as if you were at 8,000 feet above sea level, the equivalent of a Colorado mountain resort town) The following is taken from the TSA website on permitted and prohibited items

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Flammable Items Checked Carry-on
Aerosol (any except for personal care or toiletries in limited quantities) No No
Fuels (including cooking fuels and any flammable liquid fuel) No No
Gasoline No No
Gas Torches No No
Lighter Fluid No No
Strike-anywhere Matches No No
Turpentine and paint thinner No No

Note There are other hazardous materials that are regulated by the FAA. This information is summarized at

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You can find the full list of permitted and prohibited items at
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