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I bought a Breitling watch at A.H.RIISE in St. Thomas. They were great...but I did quite a bit of research way before hand. The three stores that I would consider buying a diamond from are the following: LIttle Switzerland, H. Stern, and A.H. RIISE. These stores are very reputable...and they definitely stand behind their merchandise. However, when you are shopping for diamonds, know exactly what you are looking for before you leave. Any reputable store will allow you to look through a microscope to see the interior/exterior of the diamond. If they don't let you do that...I would walk out. I would go to your jewelers...explain to him/her what you are looking for...and have them teach you the basics of the diamond...have them show you what a diamond looks like under the microscope. If the diamond is huge, and the price is super might mean that there is something significant going on inside the diamond flaw-wise. You want to have enough education under your belt to know what all of the different flaws look like. Have a great trip and happy sparkle shopping!

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