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Margie Stinson
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Default Re: Re: Trains from London to Southampton England

If I were traveling alone, I would have no problem taking the train. I can always handle my own baggage and hail a taxi. HOWEVER -- traveling with an older person presents certain challenges such as my handling all the luggage, and my experience in Dover was that there were not that many taxis for zillions of cruise passengers coming in and waits were long. Those who traveled from London by private transport had a MUCH easier time of it. Debarkation presented the same situation -- LONG lines to wait for a taxi to take you back to the train station. Those who were traveling my pre-arranged coach walked right on by, and those who had hired private transport were picked up immediately. Never again will I do the train thing on my own in a small place like Dover. They are simply not equipped to handle such a large amount of travelers all at once.

Margie in Houston
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