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Just for CRUISEAHOLICS information, this isnt about what cruise lines I have worked for, or about the right of cruise lines to deter from prescibed ports. This is simply my belief based on previous sailings and experience as a passenger and as an employee in the cruise industry, that the way carnival runs its operations and policies with regard to the Dawn princess leaves a lot to be desired. Plain and simple, the ship has suffered from some engine situation since approximately april 2004, and from that time to the present , currently with a engine generator issue, has just failed to be totally candid and upfront wtih previous and currently booked passengers. These " operational issues", as princess tends to call them, impact on the itinerary and nature of the cruise that people had booked. Of course itineraries change, but notice of these are brought to the passengers attention in "acts of nature" situations, so I believe they should be brought to passengers attentions as well when they are known beforehand that issues relate to "non act of god" situations, and let the passengers make the decision if they wish to continue on the cruise or should have the option to cancel to get a refund or a change the date or change the ship. I do not understand why you are so much on the side of carnival as opposed to the rights and choices that their customers should have, based on this atypical situation, which has impacted dawn princess guests for quite a few months now.
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